Intellectual Property

Areas of Practice

At Hadjinestoros LLC we offer the full spectrum of services on intellectual property rights and we represent our clients on matters relating to patents, trademarks, tradenames and designs.

We provide advisory services in relation to the registration and renewal of intellectual property rights at a national level as well as at a European Union level. Furthermore, we prepare and submit all necessary applications and accompanying documentation to the relevant authorities.

We assist our clients in negotiating and drafting commercial agreements for granting rights to third parties in relation to the use of protected trademarks.

We understand that intellectual property rights add lasting value to any business activity, and the importance of protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights. Our aim is to ensure that our clients’ interests are sufficiently safeguarded at all times.

These principles are put in practice by representing clients before the competent national and European Union authorities, in registration or renewal proceedings, or where a party may object to a registration. Furthermore, we represent clients judicially, where there has been an infringement of a legally protected intellectual property right, in order to effectively obtain prohibitory injunctions with the aim of limiting potential financial losses and claiming compensation.