Areas of Practice

Our Focus

We Specialise in a Variety of Different Areas

At Hadjinestoros & Co LLC we offer the full spectrum of Corporate Services and we advise on all matters of corporate law.
We offer a wide range of services in the field of consumer protection.
We serve and advise a wide variety of clients on matters relating to real estate law.
We have vast experience in drafting instruments of trusts. We also advise beneficiaries and trustees.
We advise on a wide variety of banking transactions as well as compliance and regulatory issues.
At Hadjinestoros LLC we draft contracts both on behalf of construction firms, sub-contractors and property buyers.
At Hadjinestoros LLC we advise and litigate on behalf of our clients on matters relating to personal injury.
We advise both employers and employees on any matter relating to their employment relation.
We are experienced in advising and representing clients in relation to wills, estate planning, administration of estates and succession.
We advise clients on all aspects of family law such as divorce, property disputes, child custody and adoptions.
We offer the full spectrum of intellectual property services and act for clients in relation to the registration of patents, trademarks, tradenames as well as designs.
With over 30 years of experience we have represented clients both before the District Courts as well as the Supreme Court.
We provide debt recovery and bad debt recovery solutions to our clients for the recovery of their money and assets.