Family Law

Areas of Practice

We know that a divorce is an emotionally consuming and distressing situation as it does not only involve personal relationships breaking down with the spouses but it is often devastating for the children. It also has implications on the financial circumstances of the spouses as oftenly, they need to move out from the family home and relocate elsewhere. This increases their expenses.

Distressing situations will usually blare the thinking process often resulting in erroneous decisions taking place on both sides. The outcome of family dispute proceedings often depends on the side making the least mistakes. At Hadjinestoros LLC we strive to advise our clients from the beginning of the breakdown of marital relationships until the end focusing both on the outcome as well as the least emotionally distressing path to get there.

We litigate on your behalf on all aspects of family law such as divorce proceedings, child care proceedings, injunctions, adoption and property disputes.

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