Estate Planning and Probates

Areas of Practice

We have over 30 years of experience of advising and representing clients in relation to wills, estate planning, administration of estates and successions.

We act on behalf of clients in Cyprus as well as abroad, in relation to estate or succession matters.

We act as administrators of estate and executors of wills and we can also advise on all issues that may arise in the administration of estates.

As Cyprus has abolished estate duty on the acquisition of property by means of inheritance , individuals of foreign origin, may, if certain conditions are satisfied with proper advice and by taking appropriate steps, be deemed under the law as being domiciled in Cyprus for inheritance purposes and will therefore be able protect their movable and immovable estate from heavy estate duty that would otherwise be imposed under the equivalent provisions of law applicable in their home country.

In order to effectively carry out all administration of estate and execution of will procedures, we create a detailed report of all the assets, we resolve all pending matters in relation to any tax obligations or other debts of the deceased, we initiate all necessary out of court and judicial proceedings to collect any amounts that may be owed to the deceased by third parties, and we liaise with all relevant governmental authorities to obtain the necessary documentation and tax clearance to finalise the administration of the estate, up to the point of distributing the assets of the deceased to the lawful heirs

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