Debt Collection

Areas of Practice

We provide debt recovery and bad debt recovery solutions to our clients for the recovery of their money and assets. Our experienced team of professionals can assist with the recovery of the debt due, the interest as well as damages and expenses incurred.

We know that time is money. We also know that considerable resources may be wasted by the creditor to follow up on otherwise irrecoverable debts due and at times, the creditor’s only choice is to treat the debts as “bad”. This means that the creditor will most likely not want to throw “good” money after “bad”.

That is why we will never charge you more than the absolutely necessary in order to perform an initial search and make an initial assessment through credit reporting agencies in order to see whether it is worth pursuing the debtor or not. If indeed it is worth pursuing but the debtor cannot easily be located, we will use our best endeavours to locate the debtor. As soon as the debtor is located a letter of demand will be sent on behalf of our clients. We then issue legal proceedings against the debtor which is followed by execution measures in order to recover the debt due.

We use a specialist software designed to keep track of the debt collection process. If the creditor so wishes, our specialist software can be connected with the database of the creditor so that the creditor is at all times informed about the process and at what stage the debt collecting process is at.

Our aim is to provide a speedy and cost effective service to our clients. Our practitioners follow all the conventional collection procedures and will recommend the most suitable collection strategy, having regard to the client’s best interests.